manaoil International Manufacturing and Trading Company, with several years of experience, is one of the largest importers in the field of composites and petrochemical products.

Importing goods from different countries is an important commercial and economic activity that has been prevalent among different societies for a long time in order to meet the needs of the society. In fact, as you know, the production of some goods cannot be easily done due to the lack of sufficient facilities or the diversity of the geographical 

First of all, the import of goods is known as an important and vital thing in meeting the needs of a society; So that in case of not paying attention to this important economic activity, governments may face big problems in the near future, so it can be said that paying attention to this economic activity is known to be important and vital in the progress and development of a country.

manaoil International Company has been able to help its country in economic matters by importing many products such as glue, fabric, composite raw materials, etc. from China, India and the Middle East.