The process oil isĀ used to facilitate the operation of manufacturing the rubber, such as kneading, extrusion, molding, etc., by means of its propertiy to penetrate into the texture of a rubber polymer. Moreover, it is also used to improve the physical properties of rubber products.

White spirit

which is also called mineral spirits, solvent 402, and solvent 403. It is a colorless liquid that is used as an organic and inorganic solvent. It can be said that one of the most widely used color solvents in the painting and decoration industry is white spirit. White spirit, commonly known as “paint thinner”, is […]


Grease is a solid or semi-solid substance consisting of a lubricant and a hardening agent. It is used for the lubrication of industrial machines in industries as well as for domestic purposes. This substance is a lubricant and has an oily and greasy state. The characteristics and quality of various types of grease depend on […]


It is also called carbamide, as well as its chemical formula is CO(NH2)2s. Urea is colorless and the appearance of this material is like crystal. This is known as one of the essential materials of fertilizer and feed supplements, furthermore, Urea is a raw material used in the manufacture of many chemicals, such as various […]



Simply put, in the science of chemistry, they are a group of organic substances whose molecular structure includes only atoms of carbon and hydrogen elements. Hydrocarbons, are classified into two groups, aliphatic and aromatic.   Types of oil producing hydrocarbons Paraffinic hydrocarbons Hydrocarbons of naphthenes Aromatic hydrocarbons Asphaltic hydrocarbons   Paraffinic hydrocarbons (alkanes) Alkalenes are […]


Bitumen is a black, paste-like substance that is used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction, and it is used as the main building material in moisture insulation and asphalt. There are different types of bitumen, each of which has a different application. This substance is produced in an oil refinery. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon substance […]

Base Oil

From the refinery process, there are thousands of materials are made which are used in many things in daily life. In the past people used natural materials so that their vehicles worked better, today’s motor oil and lubricants factories use base oil and additives for production. Base oils are mostly used in automotive products. Two […]